About Us

Proven proficiency in designs that meet our clients’ specifications, as well as maintaining a keen awareness of the importance of deadlines, have been essential to the overall success of my firm. – Lisa McClure, President

Lisa McClure has been a practicing interior designer for more than 20 years. She received a bachelor of interior design degree from the Auburn University School of Architecture in 1989, then served as a project manager and senior designer at prominent architecture and interior design firms in Atlanta and Birmingham.

In 1999, Ms. McClure established LCS Designs to provide space planning and interior design services to office, retail, medical offices, law offices, historic properties, restaurants, loft apartments, and residential clients. As President of LCS Designs, Ms. McClure is intimately involved in every project and takes pride in ensuring that each job is completed on time and to the client’s specifications. She has worked with numerous architectural firms on major projects and has become widely known for her proficiency, her attention to detail, and especially for making deadlines. The goal of the company is to provide full-service design and space planning with the speed, accuracy and flexibility that clients need but seldom receive.

She has been a member of the Alabama Interior Design Coalition (AIDC) since 2000 and was President from 2004-2010. The AIDC is an organization that monitors and supports the advancement of the practice of interior design through testing and state licensing.