LCS Designs procides clients with full interior design & space planning services through every stage of the design process

Commercial Services 

When you work with LCS Designs to plan and design your commercial space, your project will be handled completely and seamlessly. We are associated with an architectural firm who works closely with us when required. We will direct and/or oversee each step of the process, including the following:

• As-built or existing condition drawings

• Programming Phase. We meet with our client to ascertain their needs and walk through the location to prepare basic requirements. 

• Schematic Design Phase. We will produce a preliminary floor plan, which will indicate the locations of spaces, partitions, doors and millwork. We then will meet with the client to review the plans and make changes as directed.

• Design Development. Once the client has approved the schematic drawings, LCS Designs will produce more detailed drawings and specifications to clearly define the floor plan, showing elements such as life safety issues, electrical locations, lighting concepts, and materials. The plans then go to a contractor to determine accurate budget pricing for the project. 

• Construction Document Preparation. LCS Designs will then produce construction drawings for the approved scope of work. These documents will include all drawings for each subcontractor, as required to receive a building permit.

• Construction Administration. We will oversee your project through construction, making site visits to monitor progress for compliance with the approved design and making revisions if needed.